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Timbermate Products was founded in Australia in 1991. Timbermate began as a small manufacturing company producing a unique waterbased woodfiller, which is solvent and acrylic free. Most products at that time were either latex or solvent based. Today our unique waterbased products are accepted worldwide. Timbermate has developed a reputation for its quality products both in the manufacturing and distribution chain. All products in the Timbermate family are of the highest quality.Timbermate's vision is to produce and distribute the highest quality products. Our policy within Timbermate is that we will not manufacture or distribute any products that are price driven in favour of quality products. Timbermate operates through company owned premises in Mitcham, Melbourne, Australia. We have representatives in all states across Australia. Timbermate has an office in Los Angeles in the United States of America as well as agencies and representatives in other countries around the world. We have distributors in the China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. 

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of ready to use fillers i.e Wax Crayon Fillers, Powder Fillers, Expanding Concrete Fillers, Flexible Exterior Fillers, un-du Adhesive Removers, Foam Fillers as well as market leading Purdy Paint Brush range, Graffiti Removers, Rotten Wood Solutions, Silicon Rescue Tapes and Quickties Rubber Straps. 

Through our extensive research and development we are able to cater for all facets of the filling market. We are always on hand to offer service and backup support that would be expected from an industry leader.


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Timbermate Group have long been regarded as the filler specialists

Wood Repair

Wood Repair

PC Epoxy Putties

The "PC" range of products is non-toxic and can meet any need, from high-heat to underwater capabilities.

Tie Down Straps

Timbermate Group are specialists in high-end tie down products

Silicon Rescue Tape

Tommy Tape range of Silicon Rescue Tape's can be used for 1000's of applications from plumbing to electrical to gardening - expanding to 3 times the product length, being non conductive for a high heat resistance range

Adhesive Removal

The Un-Du range of adhesive removal products are market leaders that contain no oils, so will not mark the surface and allow the tackiness of the sticker etc. to return once the product dries!

Graffiti Removal Systems

Graffiti Removal Systems for any problem, from sacrificial barriers to graffiti removers for any surface

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